Client Comments about Shelmar Kennels Dog Training Houston

Cute Puppy Ready For TrainingMartin and Shelly,

My wife and I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the work you did with Dudley. He is a completely different dog! We are extremely pleased with the service you provided and would recommend you to anyone interested in investing in their pet.

In a world where there is too much complaining we thought we would offer up a compliment.

Thanks again!

Brandt, Melinda

Dudley and Butler the Cat

dogs in trainingI am so thankful for everything you have taught Rigby! It is amazing the difference in him.

Kristin Martin

Obedience training

Kace – 2 starts – 2 wins!

We appreciate your sharing your most valuable time and expertise. We are so proud of the progress Kace has made and we appreciate your professionalism and friendship.

Bill and Linda Blevins

houston kennel

Ellie may

Thanks again for all of your hard work with Ellie Mae- we are extremely pleased!

Dawn Siple

obedience training KatyJessie obviously remembered her home here in Dayton going straight to her rug in front of the fireplace when let in the house. She was also excited to see and be with the other dogs. I want to thank you for the training to date as I am well pleased with the result and hope, in my inexperience, I don’t take too many steps backward with her training. Also, thanks for your hospitality to Susan and I on our trips to your home to visit Jessie.”


Dr. Robert Seaberg

Shelly bell dog trainer

Shelly at work with Zoe

Thank you so much for a job well done. I will continue to work with Zoe on her commands.

Rosa Ramos

dog trainingI am so grateful knowing Kelsey’s progress and knowing she is so very happy at the kennels. I did get a strong sense she is happy, which makes it easier for me.

Katie Kraig

dog kennel

litter-mates at work!

Thank you for letting me walk with you while you worked your dogs. I have truly never seen anything like the way those two dogs worked together with you. It was the most impressive dog work that I have ever seen.

T Pressler

dog trainers

Zoe and Chica

Lyn and I thought of you when we saw this print. We hope that it brings as much happiness to you as Zoey and Chica give us. Thank you both again for all your advice on training and always being there for us.

Tony and Lynn Bruno

Martin bell dog trainer


For Christmas this year Jack Cowin did an etching of Raggs for me and I think he really captured her spirit and enthusiasm. There are 10 prints in the edition and I could think of no better way to use them than give them to my friends who know Raggs, and particularly to you Martin and Shelly, who make my having her possible.

Bubba Wood

puppy training

Topper and his girls

Martin and Shelly,

We loved getting to meet you all last Saturday.  And, we love Topper and his new beautiful behavior!  He is a joy.  I have worked with him each day and he loves going to the park to play.  He is doing great.  He is not chewing things up in the house or yard (I don’t know how you accomplished that).  He is not jumping up and he really is a new and delightful puppy to be around. Thank you!

P.S.  Hello from Topper!


shelmar kennels dog training

Justice – in training

I never took the time to let you know how “Shelmar’s Presiding CH Justice” (aka Justice) is doing and to say thanks!

He is my buddy. He is very well-loved … almost to the point where I have spoiled the dog out of him! He goes running with me, watches TV, takes car rides, and crashes in my bed. But don’t worry, his favorite activities are still playing fetch and swimming.

I attached some pictures from his 1st birthday on March 30, 2006 and one of him training.

Thanks again – he’s a blessing!

Debora Waddell

dog trainers

Erin at work

Wanted to give you an update and some recent pictures. Erin sure seems to be happy!  All I know is that I absolutely love her.  She is a wonderful dog that hasn’t had to spend any time in the kennels since we got her.  Whenever we travel, we try to take a dog with us and this time we picked her.  It was a long weekend at a friend’s ranch, but she sure had fun being out and about in a new place with lots of new things!

She has spent all of the time at the house and is potty training well.  I think it has been at least 5 days since an accident in the house.  She certainly doesn’t leave me alone for any time.  I can always count on looking down and there she is!

She kennels up at night well, although she does do her best to stay in our bed and we literally have to kick her out!

Thanks again

Marjie Locker

Houston dog training experts

‘Mad Max’ the super dog!

I can’t tell you how pleased we are with Max. He has turned into a very nice dog to have around the house. He is house broken and very good company for our children. He gets along well with our lab as well.

I don’t think I have every seen a dog of his age do anything like it.

Could this be a super dog in the making?

Will Vogt