Dog Obedience Training in Houston

Justice the obedient dogPrograms and Prices for Dog Obedience Training Houston TX

Houston dog obedience training is the specialty of Shelmar Kennels. The dog training facility includes 20 acres of 8 foot high fenced open space with a 1 acre lake, varied cover of grasses and woods and mowed walking pathways.

Dog behavior modification and training occurs in a safe and positive learning environment where dogs can learn to focus on commands regardless of distractions.

At Shelmar Kennels, we obedience train dogs of all breeds. Shelmar trainers Martin and Shelly Bell will teach your dog the 4 basic commands (sit, stay, heel and come). We also work on kenneling (portable kennels and larger kennel runs) and loading into a vehicle.

If jumping on you and your guests is a problem, we will work diligently to correct this behavior. We can also incorporate whistle commands with verbal commands for park or open-field exercise opportunities. Each obedience dog is provided the opportunity for swimming and retrieving if desired.

Upon completion of your dog obedience Houston program, Shelmar trainers work with the owner(s) and kids to insure a smooth transition from our kennel to your home.

Compare our training program to those offered by other facilities:

Our obedience dogs learn their commands not in an enclosed room but on 20 acres of open space! Once a dog is trained at Shelmar they are less likely to have problems listening to their owners at parks and during other opportunities for them to free range as they have been trained in all commands of obedience in an uncontrollable environment as opposed to an enclosed room in a strip center.

We understand that our competitors offer a 2-week dog training program. At Shelmar we feel that 2 weeks is not enough time to develop a positive, trusting relationship with your dog, which is an important step to accomplish dog obedience Houston training.

The more time we spend with your dog, the better we understand him, his behavior and his ability and we can then pass all of this useful information on to you, the owner.

All dog obedience training at Shelmar kennels is accomplished by Martin and Shelly Bell who have a combined dog training experience of 60 years. Rest assured your training dollars will be well spent as Martin and Shelly will be training your dog personally. We don’t rely on hired ‘dog trainers’.

Before you read through all of our programs to decide which is best for you and your dog remember that each animal is an individual – we will tailor your training program to address your individual needs and desires.

Houston Dog Training Program Information

The program takes place in the home of Shelmar trainers and owners Martin and Shelly Bell. Our program incorporates dog obedience commands, crate training and socialization. The “in home” program caters to dog owners who desire a well-behaved dog with proper house manners.

Shelmar trainers set a proper schedule for your dog that will aid with potty training issues. Other behavior concerns covered by this program include staying off furniture, waiting at the door to be invited in, learning how to relax with the family, and many others. 3-4 weeks gives us enough time with your dog to handle most issues that arise with basic obedience and control issues and to develop a dog to be a pleasant member of the family.

Developing a dog with no formal training through basic obedience and then graduating into teaching advanced behavioral work is the focus of these programs. 

The dogs are exercised in outdoor runs 4 times daily as well as trained twice a day. All dogs will have the opportunity to work in-group sessions with up to 6 other dogs, exercise and play with different but suitable groups of other doggy students. This program incorporates working in and with groups of dogs.

Its one thing to have control over one dog, how about a dog educated to accept being trained and controlled in a group of 5 or 6! 6 dogs heeling, sitting and staying, playing and free running and coming when called. Off leash control is of paramount importance to many dog owners who want to free exercise their pets. We teach it thoroughly to ensure your dogs safety in challenging situations.

We specifically work on distraction training during the 3 week course, starting with group dog work and as advanced as group exercise and run (think Bark Park with no fences!). I have traveled to many kennels and have never seen a program as comprehensive as this one. This is the program of obedience that my personal competition dogs go through in readiness for formal AKC trial and test work. This system of basic training, taught by kennel owners Martin and Shelly Bell, has produced United States high point dogs, Top Professional Handler for Martin in 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2007, in addition to the thousands of well-behaved dogs taught for households such as yours.

No matter what your dog goals are, trials, tests, companion dog, therapy dog or just a well behaved member of the family, this is without question the most thorough basic grounding in obedience your pup can receive, one that will fulfill his being and enable a full experience of life with you in any and all situations.

Please compare our programs with other kennels: our prices are comparable with 2-week courses at other area facilities. Really – what can you expect in 2 weeks?  Your pup will be taught all of the commands in a positive environment specifically designed to educate the dog and train and inform the owners.

Our program is best suited for an owner who wants his or her dog to be able to free roam on long walks with complete control and always attentive to the handler. This program is custom: you tell us your lifestyle and we will do our best to fit your dogs training program to your lifestyle. We have trained dogs for jogging moms, beach walkers, weekend lake house owners, fishing boat buddies and many more.

Call us and give us a challenge!

Space is limited in this program so call for a reservation. Be prepared to let us know specific concerns so we can modify our program accordingly.

“IN OUR HOME” Obedience Training Programs

We have 2 programs that we offer:

3 Week Puppy Program (For puppies 5 months and younger and under 30 lbs in weight)

This training is accomplished in our home, a 3-week board and train foundation training program for puppies under 6 months of age.  It includes house training and potty issues, basic obedience – sit, stay, place training, including manners such as no jumping and no biting as well as coming when called in a controlled environment.  It also includes extensive socialization with other puppies of similar ages and size.

This board and train program is for puppies 5 months and younger and will achieve all the basic good house manners as well as proper socialization with other dogs and people.

Fee: $2100

3 Week Adult Board and Train – Our ‘Signature’ Dog Training Program for all Dogs, Ages and Breeds

This program is 3 weeks in length and covers all of the basic commands on leash and off leash. Your dog will learn to sit, stay, heel and come when called in a controlled environment as well as come off leash. Shelmar trainer Martin Bell will also work extensively with issues such as jumping on you, your family and your guests, kenneling, dog and human socialization and maintaining cooperative behavior as well as house manners and potty training.

This program is ideal for all pet owners wanting complete control of their dog.

The cost of this program is $2500 and includes daily training, boarding and owner instruction to ensure a smooth transition from our kennel to your home. 

Fee $2500

Both our programs incorporate dog obedience commands, crate training and socialization. The in home program caters to dog owners who desire a well-behaved dog with proper house manners.

Shelmar trainer Martin Bell will set a proper schedule for your dog that will aid with potty training issues. Other behavior concerns covered by this program include staying off furniture, waiting at the door to be invited in, learning how to relax with the family, and many others. It also includes on-leash commands, heel, sit, sit-stay, down and down-stay in a controlled setting, as well as group training with other doggie students.

Space is limited in this program so call for a reservation. Be prepared to let us know specific concerns so we can modify our program accordingly.

Rescue Dogs and Shelter Dogs

We originally used this programs for dogs that need a good understanding of obedience, house manners, potty training and for those needing behavior modification training and problem dogs, dogs that have issues such as running away, display aggression towards other animals or people, separation anxiety, shy timid or fearful behavior, refusing to come when called, stubborn dogs, older dogs needing a gentle learning curve and highly active or hyperactive dogs that all needed the extra work need quality training. The benefits have been great for dogs and owners.

Martin Bell and Shelly Bell have extensive experience training rescue and former shelter dogs. We understand why they display certain behaviors and implement the training and socialization necessary for rehabilitation.

We have worked with several rescue organizations in Houston for the past 20 years and have successfully rehabilitated and obedience trained thousands of dogs will all manner of issues. Nearly all of these dogs had very few options left. Most were surrendered to the shelters and pounds because of their bad behavior with little to no hope of being adopted into a family and ever living a fulfilling life.

Watch the video below to see our facilities:


We are predominantly a dog-training facility – we have a busy schedule giving obedience lessons to clients picking up their dogs. We cannot be disturbed when giving lessons and instruction to our other clients. Each and every client deserves 100% of our concentration to ensure a successful transition from Shelmar Kennels to the owners home.