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Denali & Romeo With trainer

Denali and Romeo – very good boys! training at Shelmar Kennels

Dog Trainer Houston – Shelmar Kennels

Shelmar Kennels offer a unique “In Our Home’ dog trainer Houston system of board and train (or puppy boot camp as some of our clients like to call it!)

We train your dog – in our own home. Yes – they actually live in our house with us!

When in a dog training program your pup will live, stay and hang out in our own home while being trained on all the issues you are having as well as making them fun pets to own.

It’s the absolute best way we have found to train a dog for your house. By training them in our house.

Consider this – when looking for a dog trainer

  • How well will a dog learn just basic commands in a kennel?
  • Will those commands convert to living in your home?
  • We have found the answer to both these questions to be NO!
  • That’s why we changed from being a ‘kennel’. Training dogs that will live with us in our home solves the problems that a ‘kennel’ never could.
Houston dog training

Playing outside in the yard

If your pup barks

If your pup barks at 2am – we can’t sleep…so that behavior is corrected.

Our puppy boot camp system taught by top Houston dog trainer Martin and Shelly Bell – makes the transition from training, back to you and your family, simple.

IMAGINE having a dog that loves to simply hang out with you in the house – that knows his place and can be relaxed while you work around the house, cook dinner or watch TV.

A dog that when you take them outside will walk effortlessly on the lead with you at heel, a dog that will never jump on you and your guests and never bolts out the door! Imagine a dog that never runs away and will listen to you even through distraction.

That’s our goal as dog training Houston TX providers, to give you – our clients – more from your dog!

“IN OUR HOME” Obedience Training

We have 2 programs that we offer:

3 Week Puppy Program (For puppies under 5 months old and younger and under 30 lbs in weight)

This training is accomplished in our home, a 3 week board and train foundation training program for puppies under 6 months of age.  It includes house training and potty issues, basic obedience – sit, stay, place training, including manners such as no jumping and no biting as well as coming when called in a controlled environment.  It also includes extensive socialization with other puppies of similar ages and size.

This board and train program is for puppies under 6 months of age and will achieve all the basic good house manners as well as proper socialization with other dogs and people.

Fee: $2100

3 Week Adult Board and Train – Our ‘Signature’ Dog Training Program for all Dogs, Ages and Breeds

This program 3 weeks in length and covers all of the basic commands on leash and off leash. Your dog will learn to sit, stay, heel and come when called in a controlled environment as well as come off leash. Shelmar trainers also work extensively with issues such as jumping on you, your family and your guests, kenneling, dog and human socialization and maintaining cooperative behavior as well as house manners and potty training.

This program is ideal for all pet owners wanting complete control of their dog.

The cost of this program is $2500 and includes daily training, boarding and owner instruction to ensure a smooth transition from our kennel to your home. 

Fee $2500

Both our programs incorporates dog obedience commands, crate training and socialization. The in home program caters to dog owners who desire a well-behaved dog with proper house manners.

Shelmar trainers set a proper schedule for your dog that will aid with potty training issues. Other behavior concerns covered by this program include staying off furniture, waiting at the door to be invited in, learning how to relax with the family, and many others. It also includes on-leash commands, heel, sit, sit-stay, down and down-stay in a controlled setting, as well as group training with other doggie students.

Space is limited in this program so call for a reservation. Be prepared to let us know specific concerns so we can modify our program accordingly.

puppy training

Topper and his girls

So let me ask you why do you need dog training in Houston?

Does your dog jump on you and your guests?     You need a dog trainer Houston!

Pull on the lead when walking?


Steal Food from the table?

Bolt out the door?

Run away from you – not listening?

Or maybe you are having trouble with potty training?

You need a Houston dog trainer

We can fix these behaviors quickly, easily and permanently!

Your dog will live in our home when being trained, and we can work on any and all of these issues to give you the pet you desire.

board and train houstonWhen you need help fixing any of your puppy’s behavior problems, it’s important to choose a Houston dog trainer that will train your dog to match your lifestyle and needs.

You have a lot of choices when looking for a dog trainer in Houston –so – when it comes to finding a dog trainer, why should you choose us?

In our career as dog trainers we have trained 1000’s dogs. Having worked with this many animals we have developed and fine-tuned a training program that is systematical and easy to follow while at the same time making dog training fun and common sense for your dog and your entire family.

We will show you a step-by-step dog training system with easy to follow lessons for simple implementation, it’s a logical easy to learn sequence that will give you the perfect pup in your home.

That is a truly a well-trained, happy and content dog!

We can fix these dog behavior problems quickly, easily and permanently when your dog lives with us!

Shelmar kennelsLocation

Shelmar Kennels is located just outside of Old Town Katy in a country, 20 acre setting completely surrounded by a 8 foot high fence for your dogs safety and security.

We have a 1-acre lake for swimming fun, miles of mowed pathways and plenty of tall grass for sniffing investigation as well as 2 training pavilions.

Our Specialities

We specialize in dog trainer Houston, dog obedience, problem solving, puppy boot camp and our unique ‘In Our Home’ puppy boot camp  program.

Serving the Greater Houston, Katy and surrounding areas, Shelmar caters to dogs of all breeds, both large and small – any dog that craves a long run around our property or a swim in the pond.

We pride ourselves in the care and attention each individual obedience dog receives. At Shelmar we work diligently to make sure your life with your pet is a rewarding experience.

Shelmar Kennels is owned and operated by Martin and Shelly Bell. We are dog trainer Houston specialists.

We have a combined 40-year working knowledge in the dog industry, specifically dog training, from field trial competitors to faithful companions. We have authored a number of published articles on dog events and dog training manuals.

Our main belief is that basic dog obedience, like the concrete foundation of a house, is the basic building block for success in your home.

Instilling basic commands in a dog in a positive learning environment of our home using positive dog training techniques will enable you, the owner, to achieve many goals with your dog.

Our beliefs

In our opinion, as a Houston dog trainer – all dog breeds need an active lifestyle and a Job! – We encourage swimming and retrieving as well as free play time and socialization with other dogs during training.

We give pet owners the tools to properly exercise their dogs mind and body, which will lead you to a happy home, a happy family and a really happy and confident dog.