Shelmar Kennels Price List

Katy dog obedience training cost, kennel fees for boarding with training, long term boarding, exterior and interior boarding, and other fees are provided for your convenience.

Effective January 2023

Dog Obedience Training Program

, “IN OUR HOME” Obedience Training

We have 2 programs that we offer:

3 Week Puppy Program (For puppies 5 months and younger and under 30 lbs in weight)

This training is accomplished in our home, a 3 week board and train foundation training program for puppies 5 months and under.  It includes house training and potty issues, basic obedience – sit, stay, place training, including manners such as no jumping and no biting as well as coming when called in a controlled environment.  It also includes extensive socialization with other puppies of similar ages and size.

This board and train program is for puppies under 5 months of age and will achieve all the basic good house manners, obedience training as well as proper socialization with other dogs and people.

Fee: $2100

3 Week Adult Board and Train – Our ‘Signature’ Dog Training Program for all Dogs, Ages and Breeds

This program is 3 weeks in length and covers all of the basic commands on leash and off leash. Your dog will learn to sit, stay, heel and come when called in a controlled environment as well as come off leash. Shelmar trainers also work extensively with issues such as jumping on you, your family and your guests, kenneling, dog and human socialization and maintaining cooperative behavior as well as house manners and potty training.

This program is ideal for all pet owners wanting complete control of their dog.

The cost of this program is $2500 and includes daily training, boarding and owner instruction to ensure a smooth transition from our kennel to your home. 

Fee $2500

Both our programs incorporates dog obedience commands, crate training and socialization. The in home program caters to dog owners who desire a well-behaved dog with proper house manners.

Shelmar trainers set a proper schedule for your dog that will aid with potty training issues. Other behavior concerns covered by this program include staying off furniture, waiting at the door to be invited in, learning how to relax with the family, and many others. It also includes on-leash commands, heel, sit, sit-stay, down and down-stay in a controlled setting, as well as group training with other doggie students.

Space is limited in this program so call for a reservation. Be prepared to let us know specific concerns so we can modify our program accordingly.

Health Care

Trip to Vet $25 plus Vet Charges

Heartworm Preventative $25/month unless provided by owner

Returned Check Fee: $25 per check

What to Bring: Dog food if to be kept on the same diet, Treats, Chew bones, Heartworm/Flea medication if due over the boarding stay, any medication for existing conditions, a favorite toy and if you like a small blanket or towel. Proof of current vaccinations from your vet, including Rabies, Parvo and Bordatella (kennel cough vaccine)


We are predominantly a training kennel – we have a busy schedule giving lessons to clients picking up their dogs. We cannot be disturbed when giving lessons and instruction to our other clients. Each and every client deserves 100% of our concentration to ensure a successful transition from Shelmar Kennels to the owners home