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Experienced dog care professionals at Shelmar Kennels provide Katy dog training and dog boarding services. Give us a call today with your dog training and canine boarding kennel questions or to schedule an appointment for services at (281) 371-2554.

We provide a variety of canine services at our dog kennel for residents of Katy and Houston, Texas. Our pet care services include:

Dog training Houston

Dog obedience training

Dog boarding

At Shelmar Kennels, the highly experienced owners are the only ones who will be training your dog.

Dog training and pet care training is our life and as such, we take a personal interest in making sure that both you and your dogs have the best experience possible when utilizing our dog training classes and boarding kennel services.

Houston Dog Obedience Training

We specialize in dog obedience training Houston and take the time necessary to understand your needs and those of your canine companion.

Our in depth experience has provided us with the ability to deliver the best obedience training in Houston, to properly advise you with answers to your dog training questions and ensure a successful transition when working through the Houston dog obedience training process.

At Shelmar Kennels, we have 20 acres of open space surrounded by eight-foot high fence on the Katy prairie with which to properly train your dog to behave in all the different scenarios in life.

We offer 3-week, 4-week and 6-week training course options to meet your Katy dog-training needs.

We also provide rescue dog training in Houston and behavior modification training in Houston.

We have extensive knowledge of rescue dog training, the problems they arrive with, the answers to why that pup was given up to a shelter in the first place and the skill and time to correct these issues.

We work with many rescue organizations. Shelmar Kennels has quickly become the go-to place for problem rescue cases in need of rehabilitation.

Katy Boarding Kennel

Make sure your pets continue to live in a pampered environment with excellent care while you are away by contacting us to make an appointment for your dogs next Katy boarding kennel stay.

We provide a strictly upheld exercise routine, plenty of outdoor play time as is appropriate for your dogs particular needs, lots of space and love in our Katy boarding kennel facility.

We also provide canine recovery boarding for pets have undergone surgery and need special care during this delicate time.

When you call Shelmar Kennels at (281) 371-2554 to discuss your dog obedience training or boarding kennel service needs in the Houston and Katy area.

We will be happy to discuss any of your dog training and boarding kennel services needs today!

Rest assured that your dogs always receive the best care and attention when you use the training and boarding services of Shelmar Kennels.