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Houston, Texas (Marketwire) March 16, 2011 – Martin Bell, owner and expert Houston dog trainer of Shelmar Kennels in Katy, Texas, recommends walking a well-trained dog to relieve stress in difficult times – encouraging pet owners to experience the positive effects it can have for both owner and pet.

According to Bell, a leading dog trainer in Houston, one of the best ways to cope with stress is through exercise – and multitasking by walking with their dog serves the dual purpose of exercise for both as well as relieving tension for overall well-being.

Unfortunately walking a dog that is not well trained can add to the stress

Which is why Bell and his expert staff at Shelmar Kennels are helping owners understand the benefits of dog obedience training. They work closely with dogs to eliminate constant pulling on the lead and the struggle that so often reduces otherwise peaceful walks to a frustrating chore.

Get puppy on the learning track

Bell, who specializes in dog obedience training in Houston wants to put Houston dog owners and their pooch on the right track.

“It is important to train your dog. Training your pet to behave and walk to heel during your walk will be a big accomplishment and a source of great personal fulfillment. Getting out regularly will make you healthier and your dog much easier and more enjoyable to live with,” said Bell.

Dog training Houston TX

Bell explains that owners can begin by taking their dog into the backyard on a leash and standing still – avoiding the temptation to teach heeling, until the dog becomes accustomed to his new collar and leash. Once the pup relaxes on the lead owners are ready to move to the next stage.

“Changing direction is an important dog training tip to remember. If a dog pulls in one direction, we simply change direction and walk the opposite way. In the beginning it seems that you’re going in circles but dogs are intelligent and they will start to comply within a couple of sessions at our kennel,” said Bell.

Martin Bell and his Houston dog training kennel, Shelmar Kennels, recommends that as soon as the basics are achieved it’s time to hit the streets!

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