Dog obedience program

We address the problems that bring many clients to Shelmar Kennels, and we often hear the same complaints: My dog barks at me, My dog chews everything, My dog pulls on the leash, My dog barks and growls at visitors or My dog constantly licks me. These and other dog obedience problems can be addressed in Houston dog training and obedience training. Additional dog obedience problems are listed:

My Dog Problems

My dog won’t come when called

My dog runs out the front door when opened

My dog constantly licks me

My dog raids the trash

My dog scratches on the back door to come in

My dog barks at the front doorbell

My dog eliminates in the house

My dog is a thief of toys or food

My dog is destructive to furniture

My dog barks at me when I’m on the phone

My dog chews everything

My dog pulls on leash

My dog jumps on everybody

I’m Scared Because

My dog barks and growls at strangers

Taking him for a walk is a nightmare

My dog nips, but hasn’t broken the skin

My dog has bitten me, or a family member.

My dog doesn’t like my children’s friends and they are scared to come to our house

My pup is uncontrollable around children

The UPS Guy won’t come to our house anymore

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