Houston dog owners

Those with problem pets are turning to Shelmar Kennels for dog obedience and behavior training. Puppies begin training at 8 weeks of age, although basic obedience training is offered for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Whether you know it or not, how your dog behaves is a reflection of you. Though dogs are essentially wild by nature, it is imperative for dog owners to make sure that dogs are taught how to handle their natural behavior and behave properly in a domestic environment.

Experts in dog phycology agree

Brad Phifer, an obedience-class instructor for the Humane Society says, “It’s the human’s role to show the dog how to live in our world. They don’t come hardwired knowing how to be successful in America.”

Being aware of the necessity for good doggie behavior, which requires a continued commitment from both the dog owner and the dog itself; many dog owners are turning to dog obedience schools to teach their dogs the ropes.

Houston’s Shelmar Kennels

A place where dog owners can choose from one of four packages currently offered to address everything from basic obedience training to aggressive behavior.

Dog trainer martin bell

Our training programs for puppies

The training, facilitated fully by Shelmar Kennel owners and dog trainers, Martin and Shelly Bell, trains dogs to do basic commands such as sit, stay and heel, and also teaches them to come when called in a controlled environment. Dog behavior advanced level training teaches the dogs to stay off of the furniture, and some forms even address biting and other undesirable behaviors that lead to an unhappy environment for both dogs and dog owners alike.

It fundamentally comes down not to the pets, but the people. You can teach any creature to attack, and you can teach any of them not to, say’s Doug Whitman, chairman of the psychology department at Wayne State University.

After buying a new dog, dog owners should be aware of the following tips:

Start training early

While it is recommended that dog behavior training begins at eight weeks old, older dogs that have been subjected to aggressive breeding should undergo dog obedience training as soon as possible. Typically, effective dog obedience training should last for approximately eight weeks, with additional training sessions for the dog upon occasion.

Establish roles

Dogs have to understand who is boss, and for this reason it is important to establish boundaries and roles early on. Training your dog to allow you to answer the door and not allowing it to sleep in your bed will help your canine companion understand that they are not your equal.

Don’t leave dogs alone with children

While your dog may be playful and well behaved while you’re around, it’s never safe to assume that your dog has all of the aggression trained out of it.

Because dogs can have fits of aggression, leaving them alone with children opens the door to numerous dangers and potential injuries.

For additional dog training tips or to find out more information out dog obedience and behavior training, please visit www.shelmarkennels.com